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For four generations, Maison DAUCOURT has been appreciated for their production of spirits, close to excellence. Maison DAUCOURT is committed without compromise to the world of whisky with patience, rigor, elegance, and dignity. Recognized as one of the pioneer houses in the development of French Whisky, they produce D.U.C whisky by combining aromas and rare expertise in this category.

The brand has been making French whisky using the family distillery's traditional gooseneck pot stills, which are typical of the Charente region.

Jean-Marc and Edouard made their dream a reality by creating a truly French Whisky, and becoming pioneers in this new spirit category!

As part of the 3rd and 4th generations of Maison DAUCOURT, Edouard and Charles DAUCOURT are the creators of D.U.C Whisky. A new chapter opens with the elaboration of this exceptional Whisky, produced in France.

They decided to create a brand of whisky, "Made in France", baptized BASTILLE 1789. A strong symbol, evocative of its origin and revolutionary, this spirit will take off in 2010 internationally. Maison DAUCOURT is recognized for the quality of its spirits, tradition, the art of distillation and blending as well as for its know-how in terms of elegant and refined design.

Now marketed in its country of origin, this haute-couture brand of whiskey offers two expressions of its range: BASTILLE 1789 Blend whiskey & BASTILLE 1789 Single Malt whiskey.