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The Adventure of Spirit


Everything about Journeyman Distillery is handcrafted, and they see to it that their home reflects that attention to labor. The original maple factory floors are from the 1800s. They have an original concrete bar made in Grand Rapids, with coordinates etched into the side—to mark this historic and unique location. They’re using wood from the family barn in central Indiana; wood that was once the flooring for an early 1900s schoolhouse. They feel that EK Warren, the original builder of the factory—while being a staunch prohibitionist—would be proud to see his building shining bright. And their whisky bottles are like their building: steeped in family history that they’re thrilled to share with you.


The decision to have a organic distillery was largely a personal one and a decision that came rather easily. Several years ago Journeyman Proprietor and Master Distiller Bill Welter decided to make a more conscious decision about what he was consuming and where was his food coming from. In an effort to support local organic farmers our Distillery will be buying organic grain that is grown by family farmers in the great Midwest.


The concept is to support the idea of eating with a sense of place. Whether it’s local sprits produced by Journeyman, hand crafted cheeses, or local organic Michigan fruits, Journeyman believes organic demonstrates a respect for the land and its people. Please support your local farmers markets and locally produced products.


When drinking Journeyman Distillery products your consuming an organic product that we believe tastes better because it is organic. Your assisting family farms of all sizes, you’re supporting a global organic economy and you’re helping to reduce the toxic load of chemicals in the air, water, soil, and bodies. Journeyman Distillery is certified organic by Midwest Organic Services Association. MOSA is a non-profit organic certification agency, rooted in the Midwest.


Journeyman Distillery uses organic grain that is produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives, or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

Journeyman Distillery, makers of hand-crafted, organic whiskey and spirits distilled in the historic Featherbone Factory in Three Oaks, MI.