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Journeyman Distillery

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Buggy Whip Wheat (750ml)

Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Buggy Whip Wheat (750ml)

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The Featherbone Factory was originally owned by EK Warren-a businessman who revolutionized the making of corsets and buggy whips in the 1880’s. EK set the precedence for hard work, innovation, and an adventurous spirit. We salute EK for his willingness to take risks, and we honor his adventure with our Buggy Whip Whea

Buggy Whip Wheat is a 90 proof whiskey made from 100% Michigan wheat. It’s as soft and sweet as a Michigan autumn day and fills the palate full of caramel and vanilla. It has a single smooth note with a lasting finish.

Blended Grain
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