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The Redwood Empire stretches from San Francisco to Humbolt Bay and on to the Oregon border. It is a rugged, sparsley populated area still dominated by forest, including the protected groves of Muir Woods and the massive forests of the Humboldt Redwoods. A redwood forest is a perfectly balanced ecosystem where every element works in harmony. The grandeur of the redwoods can be experienced throughout our Northern California backyard here in Sonoma County.

Redwood Empire Distillery is in the heart of the Russian River Valley wine region. It was carved out of the buildings originally housing an apple canning and processing plant owned by the Hallberg family, one of the area’s preeminent families during “West County’s” apple production heyday. The Hallbergs were known for producing a wide variety of apple products, mainly under the Redwood Empire label. Today, the facility and the climate make this the ideal place to make great whiskey, with plenty of relics on site to remind us of our ties to a rich agricultural history.

Redwood Empire is more than a cool name, its the where the distillery is located and a source of inspiration for those who work there. With John Muir as their guide, protecting the environment has become the mantra of the brand. They have built sustainability into everything they do.

Redwood Empire's still allows them to distill in a single pass, preserving both water and energy. Local farmers use their nutrient rich mash as feed for livestock. And their state of the art water reclamation facility assures only pure water re-enters the water table.

Each Redwood Empire whiskey is named for a specific and notable tree from the woods protected by our US National Parks System. All three whiskeys are select blends of aged whiskeys between three and 12 years and are showcased in striking new labels that feature quotes from John Muir.

Planting Ahead
For the team at Redwood Empire Distilling living and working among the redwoods has been a constant reminder of what trees do for the planet's environment. Accordingly, they have partnered with Trees for the Future (TFTF), a NGO responsible for planting over 170 million trees since 1989. TFTF trains farmers to plant and manage Forest Gardens that help them sustainably feed their families, raise their incomes and end deforestation. The cause resonates strongly with the character of Redwood Empire Whiskey, which led to the company announcing that for each bottle of Redwood Empire Whiskey purchased, TFTF will plant a tree.