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Collection: Old Elk Distillery

Where Legacy Meets Innovation

Old Elk Bourbon Whiskey is where legacy meets innovation, where a master distiller with nearly four decades of bourbon experience under his belt collaborates with a master entrepreneur known for ingenious ventures, to create a bourbon like no other.

At Old Elk Distillery, they craft a remarkably smooth and innovative spirit that transcends tradition. Old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey uses four times more malted barley than conventional recipes and a Slow Cut™ proofing process. This creates a rich, smooth flavor, in harmony with caramel cues evoked by charred barrels, and spicy notes of rye.

Old Elk Master Distiller Greg Metze

Traditionally, the bourbon proofing process takes 24-48 hours. However, Old Elk chooses to do it for significantly longer (weeks instead of days) and in smaller increments to keep the liquid cool when going from barrel to bottling proof. They call this patient technique their “Slow Cut™” proofing process which is used for their flagship bourbon. They see this critical Slow Cut™ proofing step as not only adding to the ideal “smooth and rich” character of Old Elk Bourbon, but also demonstrating their ongoing commitment to making the highest quality and smoothest bourbon whiskey without cutting any corners and giving the product the right amount time it needs to be the very best.

The Science Behind Old Elks' Slow Cut™ Proofing Process

To proof alcohol, water is added until the liquid has reached a desired strength. When water is added to alcohol, heat is generated. At a distillery scale, hundreds of gallons of water are used at a time – enough to burn off many of the lighter, finer bourbon flavors. OLd Elk's choice to proof differently means that they can bottle every last drop of flavor, and retain the smoothness that is unique to Old Elk. While their Slow Cut™ proofing process takes significantly longer than most common recipes, taking the time to proof slowly makes all the difference.