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Old Elk Distillery

Old Elk Four Grain Straight Bourbon (750mL)

Old Elk Four Grain Straight Bourbon (750mL)

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Part of Old Elk's Master's Blend Series

To break the rules, you have to master them first. Old Elk Master’s Blend Series is the creation of new tasting experiences by marrying traditional favorites, award winning bourbons, and a bold sense of discovery. Each is perfect for collecting, though the bottles are much better opened.

Old Elk Four Grain  combines Old Elk's Signature High-Malt Bourbon and Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Straight Bourbon Whiskey to create a unique blend including all four cereal grains—corn, wheat, barley, and rye. The result honors tradition with the straight bourbons at the heart of these bottles, while leading the palate on a rare journey of flavor born from a complete profile. Four Grain is the result of asking…what’s next?

Old Elk Four Grain Tasting Notes:

Fans of Old Elk will recognize the smooth base, an immediate sense of almond and vanilla, and a fruit forward aroma. Barley, rye, wheat and corn create a profile in the balance of sweet and spicy. The higher proof (105.9) helps preserve a delicate finish. 

Bottle size:
Old Elk Distillery
Mash bill:
51% Corn, 22.5% Wheat, 19% Barley, 7.5% Rye
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