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Collection: Nantou Distillery

Nantou Distillery is located in Nantou County where there are 41 mountains with peaks over 3,000 meters high and mountainous undulating topographhy covers about 83% of the area. Rain that falls on the mountain converges into rivers, ponds and lakes, among which the Moon Lake lies. In this landscape of crystal clear lakes and green mountains, Nantou Distillery operates.

ln 2007, we purchased the advanced malt miller and mashing equipment from Germany and customized copper pot stills from Scotland. In 2008 the construction has been completed and Nantou malt whisky distillery is established. lt is equipped with three malt storage tanks, one malt miller, one mash tun, eight stainless steel fermentation tanks (Washback) and four copper stills.

The whisky is made with imported barley from Scotland with pure underflow water coming from the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan, and flowing through the ancient forest in Nantou Paowei Mountain. We insist on the traditional Scottish whisky brewing process and apply exquisite finishing skill. Moreover, Taiwan is known as the Kingdom off fruits in the world. Nantou Distillery produces varieties of well-known fruit liqueurs with its geographical advantages such as lychee and plum' liqueur. Thus, we are able to created unique fruit liqueur finished whiskies such as lychee liqueur barrel finished, plum liqueur barrel finished and Black-Queen wine barrel finished whiskies which filled with tropical fruit’s aroma. Making whisky that passing the local terroir is the spirit of Nantou Distillery,

Distillation of whisky spirit started in 2008. The mash, wort and wash was then produced by a nearby brewery. In 2010 a German mash tun and washbacks were installed to produce its own wash.

The washback capacity is 15.000 litres and the fermentation run is  60 to 72 hours. 100% malted barley is used to distil a single malt.

There are four pot stills which were manufactured by Forsyths of Rothes, Speyside, Scotland. The capacity is 7,000 litres, two with 5,000 litres each and one with 2,000 litres. The alcohol vapors are cooled down by shell and tube condensers. Distillation period is from October to March only in 2013.

There are 4,500 casks are stored on site in racked warehouses, the whisky matures in 180~225 litre bourbon casks & sherry casks. Due to a humid and hot climate the Angels‘ Share is about 5% per year.

The product is brewed with pure barley and fresh underground water and matured in oak barrel after twice distillation for several years. A unique flavor of spirit comes out by a blending of long aged Scotland whiskey with ex .“

The distillery was founded in 1978, however, the first whisky produced was in 2008. Nantou is owned by TTL - Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Cooperation- (Taiwan State owned manufacturer of tobacco and alcohol).