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Nantou Distillery

Omar Bourbon Cask Finished Single Malt Whisky

Omar Bourbon Cask Finished Single Malt Whisky

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OMAR means "amber" in Gaelic, andf the name reflects the elegant amber color in our single malt whisky. The place where Nantou Distillery is located has a pleasant climate and source of pure and unpolluted water which is suitable for the whisky production and maturation. That is why we built the distillery here. The whiskey is non-chill filtrated and bottled without caramel adding.

Omar Bourbon Cask Finished Single Malt Whisky Tasting Notes:

Tasting Notes courtesy of ForWhiskeyLovers contributing editor Chrisopher Null

Color: Bright Golden Honey

Aroma:  bold and powerful, with a significant wood impact, an unusual element for Asian single malts. There’s a modest cereal component here, but notes of thick almond nougat and brown sugar temper it considerably

Palate: equally intense and aggressive with a distinctive dark chocolate note, along with a bold baking spice and gingerbread character that kicks into gear soon after.

Finish: Some rustic, slightly ragged granary notes linger on the back end, but there’s so much flavor packed into the body that a bit of greenness is forgivable on the finish. All told, it’s an experience that many single malt drinkers will find familiar — but spun just so in such a way as to be unequivocally unique.

Single Malt
Bottle size:
Nantou Distillery
Mash bill:
100% malted barley
Oak finish:
American Oak ex-Bourbon casks
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