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Founded in 1997, Jefferson’s is the brainchild of Trey Zoeller and his father Chet, a famed bourbon historian. They were continuing a family tradition that goes back to Trey’s 8th generation grandmother who was arrested in 1799 for the “production and sales of spirituous liquors.” To personify the brand, they chose Thomas Jefferson—known for his curiosity and experimental spirit. This is a mindset to which Trey has dedicated himself, pushing the boundaries of the definition of bourbon. Upholding tradition, yet always discovering new possibilities.



Jefferson’s takes a unique approach to creating its blends. The company does not own a distillery, but buys aged bourbon from other producers and then blends the various barrels to produce a consistent product.The company was initially called McClain & Kyne after Zoeller’s past relatives, including an 8th generation grandmother arrested in 1799 for moonshining. The brand states that Zoeller chose the name Jefferson’s because the bourbon was inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s curiosity, experimental spirit and good taste.

The brand began with Jefferson’s Reserve, but quickly expanded with the addition of Jefferson’s Presidential Select, and then Jefferson’s Small Batch. The brand now produces several varieties of bourbon and rye, including some limited edition offerings.





Jefferson's produces six different whiskies:

  • Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon – Jefferson’s entry-level product is produced by blending four bourbons of varying ages (41% ABV)

  • Jefferson’s Reserve – Jefferson’s Reserve is also created by blending four different bourbons, but with older average age profiles than regular Jefferson’s (45.1% ABV)

  • Jefferson’s Presidential Select – Originally a bottling from the famed, and now defunct, Stitzel-Weller Distillery, Jefferson’s Presidential has evolved to encapsulate extreme-aged bourbons and rye from other distillers, as well (varies)

  • Jefferson’s Rye – The only Jefferson’s bottling that is not a blend. The company states that it is 100% North American rye (47% ABV)

  • Jefferson’s Ocean – Initially an experimental bottling, Jefferson’s Ocean has evolved into a standard offering. Barrels of bourbon aged 7–8 years are loaded onto ships, which then sail around the world for six months, a process that Jefferson’s states ages the bourbon more quickly through the motion of the waves (45%)

  • Jefferson’s Collaboration – Jefferson’s partnered with Edward Lee, the chef of a popular restaurant in Louisville, to create a bourbon that would pair well with food. The result is Jefferson’s Collaboration, a blend of bourbon and rye (41% ABV)