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Collection: Glengoyne Distillery

Situated in Dumgoyne, on the southwest edge of the Scottish highlands


Glengoyne Single Malt Whisky has been distilled at Glengoyne Distillery since 1833.

The name Glengoyne comes from 'Glenguin' or 'Glen of the Wild Geese'.

Unlike many other whiskies, the distillery does not use peat smoke. It is claimed that this produces a purer taste.

Glengoyne 17 year old was voted World's Best Single Highland Malt in the "Best of the Best" whisky tasting, organised by "Whisky Magazine". 62 independent industry experts took part in this blind tasting.

Glengoyne Distillery is situated at Dumgoyne, on the south-western edge of the Scottish Highlands, close to Loch Lomond, about three miles west of Strathblane and to the north of Glasgow. It is reputed to be the most beautiful distillery in Scotland. For over 150 years the distillery has produced Highland single malt whisky and the current distilling capacity is up to one million litres of alcohol per annum. The Glengoyne Visitor Centre attracts over 35,000 visitors per annum, as well as entertaining significant numbers of corporate parties.

In April 2003, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd. acquired Glengoyne Distillery, and the Glengoyne Single Malt and Langs Blended Whisky brands. The acquisition of Glengoyne Distillery means Ian Macleod is now a fully integrated distiller, blender and bottler.

Ian Macleod is based in Broxburn, West Lothian and is an independent family-owned company with blending and bottling interests. The company was founded in 1939 by Leonard J Russell and the current Managing Director is his grandson Leonard Russell.