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New York's First Combination Winery, Brewery and Distillery

For 40 years, Mazza’s main focus has been creating Lake Erie wines of distinction, beginning with Mazza Vineyards in North East, PA.  In 2005, they began a small craft-distilling operation in their Mayville Mazza Chautauqua location, crafting Eau de Vie (fruit brandy), grappa, and spirits for their fortified wines.  Demand for distilled products grew, as did their desire for offering our customers new products to enjoy, and the expansion of the distillery became an obvious next step.

The distilleries 105-gallon copper-pot still, which was originally imported by German maker Christian Carl, was moved to the still-room of they new location in Westfield, N.Y., and a second pot still was added in 2015.

The new facility sits on 80 acres of farmland between Route 5 and Route 20 in Western New York, and is now surrounded with crops of various agricultural products that are used in our distilling and brewing operations. Every phase of the project emphasizes sustainable efforts and a “grain-to-glass” model, working towards having the vast majority of the agricultural ingredients we use for distilling grown on site.

Five & 20 Spirits utilizes the most locally grown ingredients in their products, using a “Grain-to-Glass” model for the operation at their 80 acre property. This means that they have taken pains to plan farming & production in such a way that the agricultural products they use to craft the beverage that ends up in your glass don’t have to travel very far. This also gives them the opportunity to work intimately with and form a close relationship with the farmers growing these crops. It also means that they know exactly where their ingredients come from, which means a higher quality product.

Five & 20 Spirits Head Distiller Joe Nelson

Five & 20 Spirits produces quality, small-batch products. Working with small batches allows for greater attention to detail, and it also allows them to be creative & flexible with their products so they can offer exciting and unique beverages.  And because of their grain-to-glass model, they can provide a truly local taste in a growing industry.