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Five & 20 Spirits

Five & 20 Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL X 6)

Five & 20 Essentials 6 Bottle Case (750mL X 6)

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For people who love Five & 20 Distilling, or who want to try a variety of their exceptional spirits.  This sample pack includes:

Five & 20 Straight Bourbon Whiskey (2 x 750mL):  The aroma starts with soft caramel and vanilla notes to start out, with a touch of sweet corn at the end. The palate presents robust barrel flavors come through on the first sip, with dark caramel and smoky notes, that are followed up by hints of spice from the rye. The finish is dry and smoky on the tongue with a lingering corn after taste.

Five & 20 Port Finished Rye Whiskey (2 x 750mL): This whiskey is aged a minimum of 18 months in new charred American oak barrels that provide the robust caramel and vanilla notes which balance the spiciness of the rye. After this initial aging, the whiskey is transferred into and finished for 2 and ½ years in freshly emptied American “Port” wine casks from the distillery's sister winery.

Five & 20 Straight Rye Whiskey (2 x 750mL): Caramel and vanilla flavors from the charred white oak barrels come through first with a spicy rye note from the spirit. The rye becomes more assertive in the finish. Clean, dry and spicy with a nice warmth.  Carefully pot-distilled, specifically to be aged in our selection of cooperages and sizes, the spirit is balanced between the spicy grain character of rye and the sweet caramel & vanilla flavors of high quality oak barrels.

All Essential Sample Packs Ship for $25 Flat Rate!

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