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Blue Ridge Distilery

Blue Ridge Distilling Co. is founded on the quest for true quality. It has been said that the devil is in the details, and there is a vast amount of detail in distilling. It is our attention to these details at every nuance of the production process that results in a truly exquisite single malt. Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Blue Ridge Distilling Co. began on a forgotten corner of the family farm. You might say after a visit that we are out in the middle of nowhere. We would agree, and that&rsquo;s the way we like it. Water is the largest ingredient of whisky. Ours is drawn from deep under the distillery. Our water is so pure and perfect for whisky making we do nothing to it whatsoever.</p>
Blue Ridge Distilling Stills

Barley is the most expensive grain to distill with, and we use only the finest, freshly ground for each and every batch in house on our custom roller mill. Now the fermentation begins. This step is arguably the most crucial point in the creation of a world-class single malt whisky. After fermentation is complete, the spirit hides, mingled with the mash, waiting for the still to capture and purify it. Our custom-made German hybrid still is operated by hand. Each still run is negotiated to collect only the heart of the hearts cut. Now this potent new make whisky begins to show its character. American white oak, air-dried, well seasoned, and toasted to perfection, matures and softens the spirit. This marriage of fine oak and whisky imparts a palate to the whisky bringing out vanilla, caramel honey&hellip; You are certain to find even more.