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Collection: Abasolo Distillery

Mexico’s First Purpose-Built Whisky Distillery 

Built in 2019 as the first purpose-built whisky distillery,  Destileria y Bodega Abasolo is located in Jilotepec de Abasolo, a town with a population of about 100,000 that was chosen because it’s known as the birthplace of corn in Mexico. The distillery is about 90 minutes north of Mexico City and 6 hours east of Tequila in Jalisco. At 7,800ft (2,377m), the Abasolo distillery is one of the highest in the world, and must also be one of the most striking in its unusual design.


Mexico is the birthplace of corn. Approximately 10,000 years ago, maize appeared as the fruit of the domestication of teosinte, a wild species with a very different appearance from today's maize, cultivated by the first farmers of Mesoamerica. More than just a crop, corn is the primary food base of all indigenous Mexican culture and a foundational element and valued heirloom in the identity of the country.




Destilería Abasolo produces premium, farm-to-bottle Mexican spiritswith unique sensorial qualities that appeal to trade and consumers alike.

Destilería Abasolo works directly with farmers located in the mountainous areas of the State of Mexico. They compensate the farmers without intermediaries and support thier farmers with direct financing.