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Limestone Branch Distillery

Yellowstone Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon - Hand Picked Collection (750mL)

Yellowstone Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon - Hand Picked Collection (750mL)

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Yellowstone Bourbon is produced at the Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky by Master Distiller Stephen B Beam, a 7th generation family distiller. There definitely is Beam in his blood. He created a great product with this 5 year old single barrel Whiskey that was barreled on 11/20/2017.  

We had the great privilege to to taste many barrels and select this one with famed Whiskey Ambassador and Executive Bourbon Steward Stephen Fante, who personally curated the Yellowstone single barrel experience.  

Fante and his team believe "proof/ABV" is the final frontier for whiskey and can make a world of difference in the taste. Yellowstone Hand Picked Single barrels are bottled at a variety of proofs, allowing for our team and Fante to tailor the final bottling strength to create the optimal flavor profile. For the highly limited black label “Hand Picked” series, Fante notes that the process of identifying the “perfect” bottling proof for a single barrel can create some surprises. 

We found that this barrel was best at 57.5% abv. It was very good at 51% abv., many of the tasters thought the barrel was completely different at 54.5%, but the angels were singing at 57.5% abv. Many of us on the tasting panel described this barrel as one of the best we've ever tasted from Limestone Branch. In a blind taste test it could rival many great bourbons out on the market.   

Yellowstone Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Bits of spice up front with some caramel notes on the mid palate, finishing nice and strong with that long Kentucky hug for a finish. 

This is absolutely a whiskey to enjoy this fall

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Limestone Branch Distillery
5 years old
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