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Wyoming Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder Straight American Whiskey (750mL)

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder Straight American Whiskey (750mL)

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In horseman terms, the outrider stands apart, securing the herd’s flank, whether it’s cattle or pricey thoroughbreds that he prevents from straying. Our Outryder Whiskey also stands apart, distinct and different. It’s not a bourbon. It’s not a true rye. The result is a truly singular spirit that’s great for sipping or making cocktails, on the ranch, at the track, or wherever you may ride.  This Straight American Whiskey is a blend of two distinct mashbills, an almost Rye Whiskey and a High Rye Bourbon, that represents Wyoming Whiskey’s first use of Rye. 
Outryder offers a taste profile not seen anywhere else in the American whiskey category. The front of the mouth experiences a light to moderate rye spice with a full, creamy mouth-feel. The rye slowly fades as the smooth characteristics of bourbon finish the Outryder experience.

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder Tasting Notes:

Color: copper to mahogany
Aroma: pumpernickel bread with melted butter, honey aromas of beeswax candles with orange blossom pollen, and warm cherry cobbler
Mouthfeel: medium viscosity with lots of caramelized wood sugars together with gentle rye spiciness
Taste: hot chocolate, yeast biscuits drizzled with dark molasses, honeyed hay, and roasted cumin in brown butter
Finish: long and warming, with lingering flavors of maple syrup over French toast


This is a limited edition whiskey with only 1,000 cases annually released worldwide.

American Whiskey
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Wyoming Whiskey
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