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Woody Creek

Woody Creek Distillers Roaring Fork Gin

Woody Creek Distillers Roaring Fork Gin

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Woody Creek Distillers Roaring Fork Gin is a premium gin originating from the picturesque state of Colorado, USA. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it offers a unique taste experience that reflects the pristine Rocky Mountain environment. With a focus on quality, this gin presents a harmonious blend of botanicals that captivates the senses with every sip.

Upon nosing, Roaring Fork Gin reveals a delightful bouquet of botanicals, characterized by fresh juniper, citrus zest, and hints of floral notes. Its palate delivers a balanced harmony of juniper, coriander, and citrus, accompanied by a subtle earthiness that pays homage to its Colorado roots. The addition of locally sourced ingredients ensures a distinct flavor profile that distinguishes it from traditional gins.

At 47% alcohol by volume, Woody Creek Distillers Roaring Fork Gin is best enjoyed chilled or in classic cocktails such as martinis or gin and tonics. Whether sipped neat to appreciate its complex flavors or mixed into your favorite cocktail, this gin offers a sophisticated drinking experience that embodies the spirit of the Rockies.

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