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Wolfburn Scotch Single Malt (750ml)

Wolfburn Scotch Single Malt (750ml)

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Using both un-peated and peated malt the stillmen of Wolfburn distillery today are crafting the latest incarnation of Wolfburn whisky from a blank canvas by pot still distillation the old way; no automation, no rush and a lot of care. A variety of casks continue to be filled with new Wolfburn spirit and are laid down in the warehouses to mature.

The smooth and warming flavours present in Northland comes from the unhurried way is which the spirit is made, and the maturation which takes place in American oak quarter casks. Matured and bottled on site, Northland represents the first chapter in the history of Wolfburn.

Tasting Notes:

“On the nose you’ll find fruit and malty aromas, with just a hint of peat. On the tongue, sweet and nutty flavours are present, which coat the palate to leave a very slight pleasant flavour of smoke.” – Shane Fraser

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