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Kentucky Bourbon Distillers LTD

Willett Kentucky Straight Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

Willett Kentucky Straight Pot Still Reserve Bourbon Whiskey (750mL)

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Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon, produced in Bardstown, Kentucky by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), is a Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey introduced in 2008 and bottled at 47% abv, with 8-10 year aging.  Each bottle is sealed with a label identifying the individual aging barrel, the number of the bottle within the series of bottles for that barrel, and the total number of bottles from the barrel (example: "Bottle No. 116 of 242 from Single Barrel 149"). The KBD company is identified on the product label as the Willett Distilling Company, which was the original name of the company until its name was changed in 1984.

Willett Pot Still Reserve is bottled in a decorative decanter that received a double gold award for packaging design at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.In addition to the double gold medal for packaging, the product was also awarded a gold medal for taste at the event.

Malt Advocate Magazine rated Willett Pot Still Reserve at 90 "outstanding" on a 100 point rating scale in its Q2 2008 issue (Vol. 17, #2).

"Bottled in a really cool glass pot still decanter. Soft and elegant on the nose and palate, and very well balanced. An incredibly drinkable whiskey, it was bottled at just the right time based on its great balance of flavors. Notes of vanilla, coconut, and creme brulee provide a base for emerging notes of cedar wood shavings, cinnamon, soft mint and a hint of fennel. A very graceful bourbon" - Malt Advocate Magazine

Bottle size:
Kentucky Bourbon Distillers LTD
10 years old
Years in aging cask:
Years in finishing cask:
Mash bill:
72% corn, 13% rye, 15% barley
Oak finish:
American Oak
United States
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