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Wild Hare Distillery

Wild Hare Distillery The Objective Rum (750mL)

Wild Hare Distillery The Objective Rum (750mL)

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"The Objective" Rum is a barrel-rested rum marrying blackstrap molasses with agave nectar to offer a unique flavor profile within this classification. After distillation in Tempe, Arizona, it is rested in a #2 char white American oak barrel. After it is decanted, it is infused with imported Madagascar vanilla beans. The amazing blend of flavors from the medium-toasted barrel and the creaminess imparted by the vanilla beans offers this rum incredible character.

This product is an extraordinary creation born from the artistic vision of Steve Parks, a retired Navy SEAL, who wanted to go to the market with something that honors his time in the military and those with whom he served. In collaboration with the talented team at Wild Hare Distillery and the design prowess of Angry Pirate Designs, this unique spirit was born. It is a testament to the creative ingenuity and dedication of its creators, resulting in a rum that is as bold and distinctive as the man behind its inception.

45% abv / 90 proof

Wild Hare The Objective Rum Tasting Notes:

Color: This spirit has a deep, rich, golden color. It is velvety.

Aroma: The scent of this rum is unique. The hints of black strap molasses and the sweetness of agave nectar with vanilla comes through. Hints of caramel, and dried fruit, with a subtle earthiness.

Palate: The black strap molasses lends a deep, almost bittersweet quality, while the agave nectar adds a delicate, honeyed sweetness that glides across your palate. The vanilla finish is velvety and smooth.

Bottle size:
Wild Hare Distilley
Mash bill:
blackstrap molasses, agave nectar
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