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Wild Hare Distillery

Wild Hare Distillery Gin (750mL)

Wild Hare Distillery Gin (750mL)

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Indulge in our Citrus-Infused Gin, a lively masterpiece for citrus lovers. Bursting with lemon, lime, and orange notes, it's sunshine in a glass. Perfect for cocktails or sipping, this gin adds cheer to any collection.

45.7% abv / 91.4 proof

Wild Hare Gin Tasting Notes: 

Color: crystal-clear/ transparent.

Aroma: This offers an array of aromas. Juniper notes, accompanied by a delicate interplay of citrus zest, with a whisper of floral complexity.

Palate: Taking your first sip, the palate opens to a fresh, cool sensation. This intriguing complexity of citrus, green tea flavors with an intriguing spectrum of mild flavors. The ensemble of botanicals, are well balanced while a subtle hint of floral notes adds a delicate complexity. The interplay of these flavors is precise, making it a gin that is both vibrant and approachable. The flavor slowly dissipates.


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Wild Hare Distilley
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