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Wiggly Bridge Distillery

Wiggly Bridge White Rum (750mL)

Wiggly Bridge White Rum (750mL)

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Wiggly Bridge Distillery White Rum is 100% Caribbean molasses that is fermented and distilled in true caribbean fashion. The Distillery employs the use of a dunder pit which lends their rums a unique butteriness and characteristics of the Islands.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Clear and neutral

Nose: Butter, butterscotch, leather

Taste: A true taste of the caribbean, loads of butter, essence of tropical fruit. Big mouthfeel that is coating and soothing. Loads of molasses with hints of raisin and cinnamon.

Finish: The finish is warm even heat with some delightful spice.

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Wiggly Bridge Distillery
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