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Virgil Kaine Rip Track High-Rye Bourbon (750ml)

Virgil Kaine Rip Track High-Rye Bourbon (750ml)

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Founded by two accomplished chefs, Virgil Kaine started with a simple idea – let’s take our culinary know-how and use it to make great-tasting whiskey. Putting taste above all else, this versatile, rule-breaking yet smooth-talking bourbon has a sly hint of rye that always delivers the spice. Pairing its fragrant rye kick and sweet opulence of corn makes for the perfect sipping high-rye bourbon and a foolproof foundation for any classic cocktail. Each bottle of Virgil Kaine is our proud tribute to the belief that the only limitation you can put on whiskey making is your own imagination.

A straightforward bourbon with a touch of rye to give it just enough heat to get noticed yet maintain its smoothness.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Oak, Orange and Butterscotch

Taste: Smoke, Caramel and Golden Raisin

Finish: Long peppery finish with notes of tobacco

Bottle size:
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