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Usquaebach Old Rare Blended Scotch Whisky Stone Flagon (700mL)

Usquaebach Old Rare Blended Scotch Whisky Stone Flagon (700mL)

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Usquaebach” (Oos: Ke: Bah) was derived from the ancient Gaelic phrase, “uisge beatha” meaning water of life, from which the word “whisky” is derived. Usquaebach, once reserved only for royalty, aristocrats, and notables, was first introduced in the United States at the 1969 presidential inauguration. The origin of Usquaebach traces back to the early 16th century, during the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. Robert Burns immortalized it in his poem, Tam O’Shanter, with the line “Wi Usquaebae, we’ll face the de’il (devil)”.

Usquaebach’s written tradition, however, has been traced back (Christie’s – London) to March 28, 1768, and has gone through several incarnations since it was first created. From 1768 to 1842 it was single malt. Between 1842 and 1904 it became a vatted Scotch whisky (a blend of single malts, often from different years from the same distiller, but never any grain whisky). Then, in 1904, it became a ‘malt-rich’ blend, where 85% of the blend was malt whisky and 15% was grain whisky. An American company, 12 Stone Flagons bought the distillery in 1973. Starting in the 1980s they began to release a line of aged Highland Single Malt whiskies to broaden their product base. Though it may be a ‘changeling’, the Original is still and always has been the company’s flagship.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Reddish gold

Aroma: Dried plums, some floral notes, stewed apples, pepper and toasted honey pecans with a firm overlay of sherry.

Mouthfeel: The body has a slightly oily viscous feel that dries quickly and has a long finish.

Palate: An interesting mix of sherry, dried apples, with an earthy, slightly bitter clove element mixed in.

With a splash of Water: less sweet, with hints of anise and the earthy element shifts to a nuttier flavor and the finish gets drier and even hotter.

Finish: long with a hot peppery burst

Blended Malt
Bottle size:
Mash bill:
85% malt whisky, 15% was grain whisky.
Oak finish:
American Oak
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