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Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co

Town Branch Single Barrel Bourbon, 2nd Release (750mL)

Town Branch Single Barrel Bourbon, 2nd Release (750mL)

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The Town Branch Single Barrel is now in its second batch, with the distillery choosing just one barrel or two per batch to dump and bottle as a cask strength bourbon, with the proof floating in the 120 to 125 range.  A key feature of Town Branch is its light, easy drinking character. The odd thing about Town Branch Single Barrel is how the substantially increase in strength has increased the intensity of the bourbon, but without sacrificing that easy drinking nature.

The flavor profile is, naturally, very similar to that of Town Branch: corn sweet with notes of citrus zest, caramel and wood. Being more intense, but still carrying a light texture, the Single Barrel bursts with sweet caramel and orange zest, and the rye spices come more to the fore, hand in hand with the woody side. In keeping with its core virtues, the finish is light.

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