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The Last Drop Release No. 31: 50 Year Old Bended Grain Scotch Whisky (700mL)

The Last Drop Release No. 31: 50 Year Old Bended Grain Scotch Whisky (700mL)

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Since the foundation of The Last Drop, the team has always celebrated Scotch Whisky in all its forms. blends, simple malts and, perhaps the least known and understood of the trilogy: grain whisky. Over me years. The Last Drop has released three different single grains, each from a single cask from a closed distillery.

This time, however, TLD have bottled a truly beautiful blended grain Scotch Whisky.

This is the closest in style to American whiskeys, such as bourbon, since it is made with a mixture of grains including corn and wheat as well as malted barley.

Fifty (50) years of maturing in a cool climate have given this grain whisky a compelling depth and complexity with fruity overtones belying its age.

The Last Drop Release No. 31 Tasting Notes:

COLOR:  A truly beautiful golden ambercolour, shimmering with long slow beading on the sides of the glass.

AROMA: A symphony of rich dried fruits with a background of hazelnut oil. The spicy scent of cloves, grass and cinnamon invite and entice, like a Moroccan spice market..

PALATE: On the palate we begin by tasting bright grassy notes – a surprising freshness after the spicy nose. Then, quickly, the deep, rich sweetness of the aged grains takes hold and we are once more wrapped in a velvet cloak of smooth, scented cinnamon, hazelnuts and a hint of figgy pudding.

FINISH: A soft, deep finish to linger over, this is a whisky full of surprise and delight. Aged grain whiskies are highly unusual, and this 50 year old blended grain is a masterful showcase for the sweet and charming nature of such spirits.

No OF BOTTLES: 203 individually numbered 700ml bottles released worldwide

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Blended Grain
Bottle size:
50 years old
Years in aging cask:
Years in finishing cask:
Oak finish:
Mizunara Oak Cask
The Last Drop
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