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The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop Release No. 30: 20-40 Year Old Mizunara Cask Finished Blended Japanese Malt Whisky (700mL)

The Last Drop Release No. 30: 20-40 Year Old Mizunara Cask Finished Blended Japanese Malt Whisky (700mL)

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In 2022 The Last Drop Distillers released their first Japanese whisky, something they had long sought, which was matured in an ex-Sherry cask.

However, alongside that cask, they also acquired another a cask of the same exceptional 20-40 year old blended malt whisky, but this one matured in a Mizunara cask.

Known for imparting distinctive and delicious flavors to the whisky within, Mizunara is also a challenging wood: the tress must be at least 200 years old before they can be harvested, and the wood is prone to distortion. Never-the-less distillers and blenders consider it worth the challenge.

This 100% Japanese-distilled whisky marries 20-to-40 year old malts from the beginning and the end of the short life of the Hanyu Distillery, which opened in 1980 and closed its gates in the year 2000.

Those iconic whiskies have then been blended with other singular mars from across me panoply Japanese distilleries to create a truly exceptional expression.

The Last Drop Release No. 30 Tasting Notes:

Color: A golden straw color.

Aroma: Toasted dry oakiness with sweet floral aromas, dried fruit apricots, spices, almonds and rich spiciness

Palate: The sweetness of spring flowers combined with rich and tropical mango, papaya and lychee lead to a spicy dry length, Pineapple and coconut follow

Finish: The tropical fruits and spices linger on the palate, while the dry oak and distinctive Mizunara qualities remain in the mouth and in the memory

N° OF BOTTLES: 180 individually numbered 700ml bottles released worldwide


1) This whisky may NOT be purchased alone: It must be purchased with either LTD Release #28, #29 or #31.

2) This Whiskey Does Not Qualify for Free Ground Shipping: You will be contacted post-purchase with a shipping quote.

Blended Malt
Bottle size:
20- 40 years old
Years in aging cask:
Years in finishing cask:
Oak finish:
Mizunara Oak Cask
The Last Drop
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