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Talisker Distillery

Talisker Distillers Ed. Isle of Skye Single Malt (750mL)

Talisker Distillers Ed. Isle of Skye Single Malt (750mL)

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Talisker Distiller's Edition has been double-matured in a second cask after the original maturation period (in this case in an Amoroso Sherry cask). The experience is older, sweeter and richer than the regular bottlings. This Edition has a very special bitter-sweet harmony where the peat softens on the palate to a rich, sweet, juicy fruit finish.

Chestnut brown in appearance. Crisp peat flavors at first then softens to enormous richness in the mouth. There's sweet, roasty malt with a heathery dryness. The sherry notes keep back some of Talisker's usual pepper. In its place is luscious, slightly oily sweetness- with ripe, juicy fruit and vanilla. Some very deep cocoa notes and vanilla on the finish with lingering quite earthy peat. An enormously chewable single malt, with sweetness having the edge on dryness

Tasting Notes:

Color: Chestnut brown

Aroma: Extremely sharp and well-focussed; no lingering, rambling smoke but instead a wonderful sultana sweetness

Taste: Crisp peat softens to enormous richness, with sweet, roasty malt and a heathery dryness. Sherry replaces the usual pepper with luscious, oily sweetness.

Finish: Deep cocoa notes, magnificent vanilla and lingering, earthy peat. Exemplary in balance between sweet and dry.



Single Malt
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Talisker Distillery
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100% Malted Barley
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