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Stranahan's Distillery

Stranahan's Colorado Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)

Stranahan's Colorado Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)

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Full-bodied as the fire that bore it, this whiskey glowed amber from the start. When volunteer firefighter Jess Graber responded to a neighbor's barn fire down the road, he never imagined any good could come of it. But the barn he made effort to save belonged to George Stranahan, long-time liquor connoisseur. When the fire settled, the two discovered a shared passion for the Colorado outdoors and a good pour of fine whiskey. And so Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey was born. They developed a recipe for the smoothest, most flavorful whiskey in the world using the purity of their mountain surroundings to their advantage. Well, to your advantage. They say from each thing bad comes something good. For Jess, George, and fine whiskey drinkers alike, it's amazing just how good it can be.

Typically when a distiller bottles his whiskey, several hundred or even several thousand barrels are combined for a staunchly uniform taste. And the way we see it, we want you to be able to trust what's in the bottle, without sacrificing character. So we make three barrels of whiskey each week, which is about five minutes of production for some of the mass producing distilleries. We select two to six of our choicest barrels, and combine them for a small batch with a reliable, yet distinctive flavor unique to Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey.

Stranahan's Colorado Single Malt Whiskey Tasting Notes:

Color: The penultimate whiskey colour..cordovan leather with burnished gold lights. Lovely legs in the glass

Nose: Licorice and tupelo honey; carmelized sugar and cherries

Taste/ Palate: extremely soft mouthfeel; washes in with immediate bing cherry followed by light vanilla, cotton candy and Heath bar/toffee resonating along the way

Don't add any water to this one! Take it as it comes out of the bottle...maybe even warm it a bit, and forget about having dessert that night unless it's another dram of this whiskey. Absolutely a sweet-lover's dream. A great whiskey for people who automatically say they don't like whiskey, this will change their mind and drinking habits. Too yummy to be trusted..don't sit down alone with a bottle!

Single Malt
Bottle size:
Stranahan's Distillery
4 years old
Years in aging cask:
Oak finish:
Charred American Oak
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