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Stainless Steel Flagon Flask

Stainless Steel Flagon Flask

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Introducing our Stainless Steel Flagon - the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverages on the go! With its sleek design and durable construction, our flagon is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay hydrated while on the move.

Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, our flagon is built to last. The body, spout, and funnel are all made from this durable material, ensuring that your flagon will withstand the test of time. The copper lid and connecting rod are also made from high-quality materials, adding to the overall strength and durability of the product.

Our flagon is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or fishing. With its compact design and retractable embedded Spirits glass, you can easily carry it in your backpack or pocket without taking up too much space. The 8-ounce capacity is perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite beverages without having to constantly refill.

The retractable spirits glass is a unique feature of our Stainless Steel Flagon. It is made from 201 stainless steel and has a capacity of 2 ounces or 60ML. The 40% off size ensures that it is easy to retract and fit back into the flask. The straightening height of the spirits glass is 65MM, which makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold.

In addition to its practical features, our flagon is also incredibly stylish. The Korean-style design is both elegant and timeless, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. The spout has a diameter of 12MM, and the thread M16 adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Stainless Steel Flagon comes with a funnel, which makes it easy to fill up your flask with your favorite beverage. Whether you prefer water, juice, or something a bit stronger, our flagon is the perfect choice for all your hydration needs.ove. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy all the benefits of our Stainless Steel Flagon!

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