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Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit

Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit

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"This has a peaty nose."
"This smells like citrus and spice."
"Aromas of grass and malt."

Have you ever wondered what these people are talking about??? Now is your chance to identify these aromas on your own!

This kit and accompanying 40 page guide explores:

  • Whisky Vocabulary
  • Classification of Aromas
  • Reference Aroma Standards
  • The methodology of Nosing
  • The methodology of Tasting

all to help you become a Scotch Whisky Connoisseur!

The Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit contains;

  • 24 aroma samples that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in scotch whiskies
  • An explanatory 40 page booklet guide
  • Blank aroma strips
  • Nosing and Tasting Record Sheet

This kit is a collaboration between the owner of and leading Aroma Scientist George Dodd. To read more about this kit click here.

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