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Rum-Bar Gold Rum

Rum-Bar Gold Rum

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Rum-Bar Gold Rum hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica, renowned for its rich rum-making heritage. Crafted with precision and tradition, this golden elixir embodies the essence of Caribbean indulgence.

With each sip, expect a symphony of flavors dancing on your palate. Smooth caramel and vanilla notes are complemented by hints of tropical fruits, creating a delightful sensory experience. Its inviting aroma tantalizes with a bouquet of sugarcane and oak, evoking visions of sun-kissed beaches and gentle sea breezes.

This premium rum is distilled from the finest sugarcane molasses and aged to perfection, imparting a depth of character and complexity. At 40% alcohol by volume, it strikes the perfect balance between potency and smoothness. Enjoy Rum-Bar Gold Rum neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in your favorite tropical cocktail for an authentic taste of Jamaica's spirit.

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