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Brandywine Branch Distillers

The Revivalist Botanical Gin Summertide Expression (750mL)

The Revivalist Botanical Gin Summertide Expression (750mL)

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The Revivalist Botanical Gins Portfolio

Complexity of taste, approachability of flavor, an elevated and revived journey with Gin. Sip, stir, create. These are truly Unique and Diverse Spirits from a Master Blender and a Singular Distillery. The creation of The Revivalist range of gins began with a look at the flavors inherent to each of the distinct four seasons experienced in Chester County, PA...home of Brandywine Branch Distillery.

The Revivalist Gin Summertide Expression

Whispers of seasonal florals (jasmine, rose) in a field of summer grasses, meadowsweet and a range of cooling citrus. An underlayment of juniper and angelica; a touch of coriander and mild back notes of peppermint. A soft and almost sweet gin with just enough citrus edge to make it the best of sipping as well as cocktail spirit. Carefully chosen grains produce a remarkably soft mouthfeel.


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