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Midleton Distillery

Powers Three Swallow Release Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

Powers Three Swallow Release Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

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Powers Three Swallow Release is triple distilled and made from both malted barley and un-malted barley. During the distilling process more tails and heads are removed than other Irish whiskies, delivering more flavor before blending with grain whiskey.

The name of this whiskey comes from the tradition of displaying a varying number of swallows on their bottles. They indicated age, quality and purity of the whiskey. With time, all Powers bottles began to boast three swallows, and this release reportedly pays tribute to the excellence and reputation of the brand.

A legacy of more than 200 years, the Powers brand has been around since 1791. John’s Lane Distillery, the original production site, was producing whiskey at a rate of 900,000 gallons with six large pot stills during the late 1800s. The two largest stills had a capacity of 25,000 gallons for production of the low wines. This is a highly respectable volume for the time, and it continues to be one of the best selling Irish whiskies in Ireland

Powers Three Swallow Release Tasting Notes:

Aroma : Pot Still spice combines with crisp barley character. Delicate herbs give way to green banana and grapefruit while a nutty note of marzipan reflects the wood contribution of specially selected casks.

Palate : In true Pot Still style, an initial taste delivers smooth mouth-coating barley followed by an eruption of green apple and citrus notes. Herbs and spicy flavor are complemented by a touch of cedar wood for extra complexity.

Finish : Spicy sweetness gives way to Pot Still barley character balanced with a hint of sherry and leading to a crisp cereal finish with toasted oak notes.

Single Malt
Bottle size:
Midleton Distillery
Mash bill:
malted and un-malted barley
Oak finish:
ex-bourbon and Oloroso sherry barrels
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