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OOLA Distilling

OOLA Three Shores Whiskey (750mL)

OOLA Three Shores Whiskey (750mL)

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The third release in our OOLA'a  Discourse series, three shores world whiskey, is all about a conversation within whiskey- making traditions. This "discourse" involves a conversation with iconic whiskeys from three different countries: a Highland Scotch, our own American high rye Whiskey, and a deep, rich and smooth Canadian Whiskey.
The process starts by transferring two fully mature whiskeys, highland scotch and canadian whiskey, into American Oak Barrels for up to one year of additional aging. This is when the integration begins. All three whiskeys have in uence from the American Oak that will later contribute to the balance that is achieves in this whiskey

Tasting Notes:

A whiff of smoke coupled with sweet sea brine on the nose of three shores starts the conversation. This is followed by a spicy clove and cinnamon note, contributing a complexity mid-palate on its way to a lingering nish of rich, ripe pear and candied stone fruit."

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OOLA Distilling
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