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OOLA Distilling

OOLA Discourse Smoked Whiskey (750mL)

OOLA Discourse Smoked Whiskey (750mL)

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The second release in OOLA´s Whiskey Discourse series, Smoked Whiskey, presents a "conversation" between the peated smokey notes of a beautiful Highland Scotch and our sweet, house-smoked American Whiskey.

This whiskey starts off with a mash bill similar to the distillery's signature Waitsburg Bourbon mash bill containing corn, rye, malted barley, and wheat. The barley in this whiskey is smoked with apple wood and cherry wood along with their own bourbon barrel staves.

Tasting Notes:

Deep, rich nose with mostly sweet, fruit elements and just a hint of smoke. On first taste smoke is present, but the focus on your palate quickly becomes a delicious sweet and ripe stone fruit (think plum, peach & apricot)—Very smooth and rich with no burn or bite at 90 proof. whiskey discourse smoked whiskey's lingering finish creates a subtle conversation between peated and sweet smoke

“The conversation between French and American Oak Barrels is what we are exploring here. I hope you find this influential barrel discourse as fascinating and profound as I did—but mainly, it’s just a damn fine Whiskey. Enjoy!”  -Kirby Kallas-Lewis, Founder/Head Distiller.

Blended Grain
Bottle size:
OOLA Distilling
Mash bill:
4 Grain Mash Bill: Corn, Rye, Barley & Wheat
Oak finish:
American Oak
United States
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