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On The Rocks

On The Rocks 'The Mai Tai' Premium Cocktail (375ml)

On The Rocks 'The Mai Tai' Premium Cocktail (375ml)

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On The Rocks' 'The Mai Tai' Premium Cocktail, originating from Dallas, Texas, embodies the essence of a classic tropical delight. Crafted meticulously, it promises to transport your senses to the sun-kissed shores of the Pacific. This pre-mixed libation captures the quintessential taste of the Caribbean with its harmonious blend of rum, lime, and almond syrup, exuding a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess.

Upon opening, the aroma of freshly squeezed lime and exotic tropical fruits wafts gently, teasing the palate with its refreshing allure. Its smooth texture and rich amber hue hint at the quality ingredients within, inviting indulgence with every sip. At 375ml, this cocktail offers the perfect portion to savor solo or share with friends, ensuring every moment is a celebration of paradise found.

With an alcohol content of 20% that promises a gentle kick, 'The Mai Tai' is best enjoyed over ice, allowing its flavors to mingle and evolve with each passing moment. Whether lounging poolside or hosting a gathering, this premium cocktail promises an escape to the tropics, delivering a taste of relaxation and luxury with every sip.

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