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Nulu Toasted Single Barrel 'Shop Bourbon' Selection 5.5 year old Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

Nulu Toasted Single Barrel 'Shop Bourbon' Selection 5.5 year old Wheated Bourbon Whiskey

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Indulge in the exclusive Nulu Toasted Single Barrel 'Shop Bourbon' Selection, a meticulously crafted 5.5-year-old Wheated Bourbon Whiskey from the revered Ross & Squib Distillery in Lawrenceburg, IN. The mash bill, a distinctive blend of 51% corn, 45% wheat, and 4% malted barley, sets the stage for a truly unique bourbon experience. After a patient aging process of 5.5 years, this Straight Wheated Bourbon undergoes a transformative re-barreling in brand new toasted oak, typically for 3-8 weeks, occasionally longer, enhancing its character and complexity. Bottled at a robust barrel proof of 56.3% ABV, this expression showcases the craftsmanship of Prohibition Craft Spirits, the parent company of NULU, through the artful finishing process in Kentucky.

In the glass, the Nulu Toasted Single Barrel reveals a medium-bodied amber with subtle golden hues, setting an inviting visual stage for the sensory journey ahead. The nose is a symphony of aromas, opening with a burst of cherry syrup, vanilla, and a note of bitter green apple. Subsequent notes of toasted coconut, roasted jalapeno, and hints of pumpkin seeds, along with a delicate touch of cashew, contribute to the whiskey's complex olfactory profile. On the palate, this bourbon offers a warming experience with a medley of mulled spices, a touch of Big Red gum, and hints of cinnamon gummy bears. The soft sweetness from the wheat gracefully interplays with the Toasted Oak finish, creating a well-balanced and flavor-rich dram.

For enthusiasts who appreciate the bold embrace of cinnamon-heavy bourbons, the Nulu Toasted Single Barrel 'Shop Bourbon' Selection promises an unparalleled tasting experience. This limited and carefully selected offering epitomizes the artistry of bourbon-making, delivering a distinctive expression that captures the essence of Prohibition Craft Spirits' dedication to exceptional craftsmanship.

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