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Myrtle Bank

Myrtle Bank 10 Year Old 'Shannon Mustiphers' Jamaican Rum

Myrtle Bank 10 Year Old 'Shannon Mustiphers' Jamaican Rum

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The rum was distilled at Jamaica's Worthy Park Estate using local molasses, cane juice, and crushed cane stalks from the Jamaican highlands. The high-ester mash is naturally fermented over a period of two to three weeks using natural yeast from the cane stalks in two fermenters before being distilled in a traditional Scottish Forsyths copper-pot still. It was then put in ex-bourbon barrels and sent to age for a whole decade in the United Kingdom, where the climate is more suited for longer maturation. This results in fewer tannins being extracted from the wood and less evaporation takes place. Over the years the barrels imparted the rum with tropical fruit, banana, oak, vanilla, and cocoa notes.
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