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Mulholland American Whiskey

Mulholland American Whiskey

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Mulholland American Whiskey is a distinctive spirit that begins its journey in Indiana, matures in the iconic bourbon heartland of Kentucky, and concludes its aging process at our facility in Ukiah, California. This award-winning whiskey boasts a mash bill consisting of 94% corn, 4% rye, and 2% malted barley, resulting in a 100-proof American Whiskey that is not only ideal for mixing in your favorite cocktails but also perfect for savoring neat or over ice.

This exceptional whiskey has garnered accolades, including a Silver Medal at the SF World Spirits Competition. The nose reveals inviting aromas of fresh vanilla bean, sweet corn, and maple, accompanied by subtle baking spices. As you indulge in the taste, you'll experience a rich oak foundation complemented by notes of dried fruit and a hint of herbal rye, creating a unique blend of sweet and spice. The finish is a delightful medley of caramel, toffee, and rye, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

Mulholland American Whiskey is a testament to the art of whiskey-making, showcasing the influence of three distinct regions on its flavor profile. With its balanced and nuanced taste, it's a versatile spirit that promises a gratifying experience, whether enjoyed in a crafted cocktail or savored on its own.

American Whiskey
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