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Mason Ale Works

Mason Ale Works 'Obi-1 Can-Obi' DDH Hazy Double IPA 4-Pack

Mason Ale Works 'Obi-1 Can-Obi' DDH Hazy Double IPA 4-Pack

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Mason Ale Works presents 'Obi-1 Can-Obi', a Double Dry-Hopped (DDH) Hazy Double IPA, boasting a masterful blend of flavors and aromas. Hailing from San Marcos, California, this brew reflects the West Coast's penchant for innovation and quality craftsmanship.

With a bold palate, 'Obi-1 Can-Obi' entices with layers of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine, balanced by a subtle malt sweetness. Its aroma delights the senses, offering a bouquet of juicy hops and hints of floral essence. Crafted with precision, this IPA showcases a harmonious marriage of premium ingredients, including select hops and malt varieties, resulting in a rich and satisfying drinking experience.

Each 4-pack contains cans brimming with a 10.5% ABV elixir, inviting enthusiasts to savor its complexities sip by sip. Best enjoyed fresh, pour 'Obi-1 Can-Obi' into a tulip glass to fully appreciate its vibrant hues and aromatic profile. Whether sipped leisurely or shared among friends, this DDH Hazy Double IPA promises a memorable journey through the craft beer landscape.

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