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Lost Distillery Scotch Auchnagie (750ml)

Lost Distillery Scotch Auchnagie (750ml)

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Appearance:Dull gold, with very slight haze (suggesting lack of chill-filtration), and good thick legs (indicating good texture). Aroma:Slight nose prickle. The top notes are juicy and fruity - bruised pears, grapefruit, fresh orange peel. Behind this there is a light biscuit note (Rich Tea biscuit) and a trace of steam engine. A little water introduces estery pear drops, soft apples and oiled leather Taste: Very sweet to taste at bottled strength, with considerable spice across the tongue and a warming, medium-length finish. Fruity boiled sweets in the aftertaste. At reduced strength it is less sweet and less spicy, but remains fruity, with a trace of vanilla sponge - Eve’s Pudding. Comment: Spicy and vigorous at full strength; soft and pleasant with a dash of water.

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