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Lincoln Beer Co.

Lincoln Beer Co. Subtle Smurk Hazy IPA Beer 4-Pack

Lincoln Beer Co. Subtle Smurk Hazy IPA Beer 4-Pack

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The Subtle Smurk Hazy IPA by Lincoln Beer Company hails from the heart of California, offering a vibrant fusion of citrus and hoppy notes in a 7.5% ABV brew. Crafted as an homage to the juicy allure of orange juice, it boasts a rich haze from a generous infusion of Idaho 7 & Simcoe hops, pouring into the glass with a captivating medium haze atop a deep amber hue, crowned by an inviting foam.

From the first whiff, the aroma captivates with a burst of citrus, dominated by the zest of orange peel complemented by hints of grapefruit. Each sip is a symphony of flavor, leading with the bold punch of orange peel and culminating in a satisfying grapefruit finish. The mouthfeel is a delight, offering a substantial experience with a blend of malt and grainy adjuncts that dance on the palate, delivering a full-bodied sensation that leaves you craving another sip.

As an unfiltered IPA, Subtle Smurk delivers a hoppy kick with a remarkably smooth-drinking finish, making it a standout choice for those seeking a refreshingly bold brew that doesn't compromise on flavor or complexity.

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