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Lincoln Beer Co.

Lincoln Beer Co. Railsplitter Red Ale Beer 4-Pack

Lincoln Beer Co. Railsplitter Red Ale Beer 4-Pack

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Railsplitter Red Ale, hailing from the Lincoln Beer Company, epitomizes the artistry of brewing with its robust malt profile and harmonious flavor blend. This Irish Red Ale, originating from California boasts a 5.5% ABV and showcases a captivating deep reddish-brown hue. Pouring into the glass, it forms a light khaki head that gracefully settles, leaving behind delicate lacing.

Upon encountering Railsplitter, the senses are enveloped in a rich aroma, reminiscent of fruity biscuit malt intertwined with enticing notes of red berries and brown bread crust. With each sip, the taste unfolds, revealing a dry biscuit malt foundation complemented by hints of raspberries, rye bread, and a subtle touch of dry caramel. Its medium body, coupled with a light to medium creaminess, ensures a satisfying drinking experience.

Railsplitter Red Ale pays homage to the traditional Irish Red Ale style, delivering a balanced fusion of red berry character and authentic malt flavors. It's a domestic treasure that captures the essence of classic brewing traditions.

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