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Laphroaig Distillery

Laphroaig Lore (750mL)

Laphroaig Lore (750mL)

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‘Lore’ is a marriage of classical Laphroaig styles and many ages of Laphroaig; some as old as vintage 1993. The marriage draws from the peaty power of Laphroaig with the smoothness of double matured stock finished in European oak hogsheads.

To create Lore Laphraig used both American oak and European oak. The former smaller barrels give the strong rich peaty flavours and a longer maturation for the large European Hogsheads until all the deep complexities are slowly released from the wood. Stored in the distillery's old dunnage warehouse beside the Atlantic, the briny sea air replaces the ‘Angels share’ in the barrels over the ‘long sleep’.

Tasting Notes:

Color : Deep mahogany

Aroma: Rich and smoky with seaside minerals with a hint of ash and bitter chocolate drops. Vanilla follows with oily unroasted chestnuts and a hint of fudge with a malty sweetness. A drop of water adds a creamy clotted cream note with fruit appearing in the form of unripe citrus in a flan glaze.

Taste: Richly peaty with a spicy chilli bite

Finish: Short dry finish and a long sweet aftertaste

Single Malt
Bottle size:
Laphroaig Distillery
Mash bill:
100% Malted Barley
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