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James Bay Distillers

James Bay Strait Up Killer Vodka (750mL)

James Bay Strait Up Killer Vodka (750mL)

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James Bay Strait Up Killer Vodka is distilled from corn and wheat, for natural sweetness and a creamy-vanilla note, followed by a post-distillation filtration method learned from high-end European vodka makers.

The “Strait Up” name is a drinking term, but also references the nearby Strait of Juan de Fuca between the US and Canada. The “Killer Vodka” refers to the many killer whales just offshore from the distillery.

James Bay delayed producing a vodka until they were sure it’d be top notch. This luxury quality vodka represents months of reading vodka-making patents and talking with producers of high-end vodkas.

A true sipping vodka served neat, even at room temperature.

James Bay Strait Up Killer Vodka Tasting Notes:

Aroma: faint sweetness on the nose,

Palate: initial sweetness with smooth velvety presence from mid-palate

Finish: remains sweet from the corn and velvety from the wheat.

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James Bay Distillers
Mash bill:
Corn & Wheat
Washington State
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