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James Bay Distillers

James Bay Navy Strength Gin (750mL)

James Bay Navy Strength Gin (750mL)

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Back in the day, the Brits gave sailors a gin ration. They found that below 114
proof, the gun powder wouldn’t burn if the gin spilled! So, to burn the power to fire the cannons (to sink the French!), the gin had to be 114 proof!

James Bay used mermaids on the label instead of battleships as a nod to Homer & The Odyssey, and to reflect on who rules the waves!

James Bay Navy Strength Gin is distilled with juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root and cassia, with new botanicals: elderflower and vanilla to match flavor notes of a British Royal wedding cake.

James Bay Navy Strength Gin Tasting Notes:

Aroma: sweet with a light citrus and baking spice

Palate: sweet elderflower and vanilla & crème anglaise with a light lemon note

Finish: sweet finish with mild juniper.


• Double-gold medal at John Barleycorn competition (Nov 2021)
• Gold-medal at PR%F in Las Vegas (Nov 2021)
• Gold-medal: SIP Northwest 2022
• Silver-medal and 4-Star awards from @TheGinIsIn (Nov 2021)
• Silver-medal: Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition May 2022
• Silver-medal: Sunset Magazine International Spirits Competition

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James Bay Distillers
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Corn & Wheat
Washington State
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