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James Bay Distillers

James Bay Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky (750mL)

James Bay Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky (750mL)

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James Bay Galloping Goose Canadian Whisky is a 3-year aged 88-proof Canadian Whisky initially released  in September 2019.   

Distilled in Canada, this is a single-grain 100% corn bourbon-recipe aged in charred oak barrels, cut to bottling strength with artesian water from the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

No additives, coloring or high proof spirits are added. The “Galloping Goose” name refers to a hiking and biking trail near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island. The trail had been an early railway of the same name. We like using the Canada goose on the label as it kicks up Canadian maple leaves in search of adventure!

It now has five gold medals, a 97-point double-gold medal and was named "Canadian Whisky of the Year" in 2020 at the Asia International Spirits competition. 

The distillery proudly features the Canada Goose on the front label

James Bay Galloping Goose Tasting Notes:

Opens with notes of caramel and creamy vanilla, with light baked biscotti chocolate and Crème Brule in the mid-palate, leading to a lingering honey finish.

Bottle size:
James Bay Distillers
3 years old
Years in aging cask:
Years in finishing cask:
Mash bill:
100% Corn
Oak finish:
charred oak barrels
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