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A. Smith Bowman Distillery

Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finished Virginia Straight Bourbon (750mL)

Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finished Virginia Straight Bourbon (750mL)

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Every Bowman Bourbon is triple-distilled Buffalo Trace Mashbill #1 bourbons that are run through the distillery's finishing still, then aged at the A. Smith Bowman distillery. The triple distillation keeps all the fantastic characteristics of the spirit, with a cleaner and longer finish.

Isaac Bowman uses 6-8 year old base whiskey aged in charred white oak barrels (akin to Buffalo Trace) that is then finished in port casks for 6-9 months many of which come from Virginia wineries, and then dumped into a 6,000 gallon fooder to “age” in a solera-style method before bottling. 

This combination of finishing barrels produces flavors of jam with caramel and spice notes. Isaac Bowman is produced in a similar fashion to the distilleries' Abraham Bowman port-finished bourbon, which won World’s Best Bourbon in 2016.

For folks wary of port-finished bourbons being too sweet, this one draws on some of the boldness and character of port without becoming overly saturated. Whiskey from each batch produced of the Isaac Bowman Straight Bourbon will be reserved for blending into the next batch, “to ensure consistency in flavor and color.”

Isaac Bowman Port Barrel Finished Bourbon Tasting Notes:

Color: Glossy with a port wine-kissed mahogany.

Aroma: The port is noticeable from the get-go, as is stewed fruit – earthy and sweet. Another layer of lighter sweetness brought to mind gummy bears, followed by subtle spice.

Palate: Layered and complex. Stone fruit baked in a dough (like traditional hamantaschen or Pueblo prune pies). The sweetness isn’t cloying, but rather playful and rich and it dissipates nicely.

Finish: A bit of oak and warm char balances the finish.


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