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Walsh Whiskey Distillery

The Irishman Irish Whiskey Single Malt (750ml)

The Irishman Irish Whiskey Single Malt (750ml)

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With a nose that practically speaks in an Irish brogue, the first flavors to hit the palate on this whiskey are clover and honey before sliding away to roasted barley flavors. The finish is remarkably smooth with lingering hints of sherry.Almond-tinged and quite floral at first sniff. Orange blossom and toasted oats are rounded off by a sherry-like brininess. Textured, bready and honeyed in the mouth before giving way to a finish that, while toasty in character, displays fresh stone fruits. Color Golden honey Bouquet Powerful with floral notes Taste Sweet and spicy with a hint of vanilla and toffee. Very lasting finish.

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